Numbers 35:6

And the cities which you shall give to the Levites shall be the six cities of refuge, which you shall give for the manslayer to flee to.

The Levites were to set up three such cities on the east of Jordan.  If a man unwittingly killed a person, he could flee to a city of refuge, and stay there until a fair trial was set up, or he passed on.

History tells us that the road, once a year was smoothed out by the Priests, which made it easy to travel.

When I read this, I was reminded of the road I took to accept Jesus Christ.  It was to escape from the life I was leading. I had always thought that there were a lot of obstacles I had to overcome to be called a Christian, but when I turned around I found the road to Jesus Christ did not have potholes, pits, and ruts. There was nothing or anything that would hinder me from giving my life to Jesus Christ my Savior.  I had found my place of refuge and at the end of that road was peace, and everlasting love.

If you are looking for this same Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, all you have to do is pray and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, and come into your heart, and end your prayer, “In the name Jesus Christ.”