Psalm 105:5

Remember His wonders which He has done….His miracles


God instructed the children of Israel to build a memorial of remembrance after the crossing of Jordan in Joshua 3 & 4. Twelve stones were laid, one by each tribe, as a permanent legacy to what God had done for them, so when their children asked about the stones, they told them of the miracle God had done.

I too have stones of remembrance. I write stories of the miracles God has done for me, and how other people in my life are part of my miracles.

My husband had a head injury, and after countless trips to the doctor, and being told they could find nothing wrong with him, we gave up. One morning after a long night, we finally went to sleep. My mother in-law called at 7:00 am, and asked me to check on my husband, I assured her he was fine and we had finally went to sleep and hour earlier. She kept insisting so I went to wake him.

He was in a coma, and after a frantic call for an ambulance, he was transported to the hospital. Surgery was performed to release the pressure caused by a blood clot on his brain.

This was a stone of remembrance for me, that told me of how God had worked in our lives.  

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