The Tempter

The word Tempt has several meanings, yet they all seem to convey the same thought It is to incite evil, to seduce, or to persuade with a promise of something great.

There is something inside each of us that causes us to yield to evil. We may think that we are above temptation, that we cannot be persuaded to do something that we don’t want to do, and that our will is just to strong. When I began to think of being tempted, I am reminded of Jesus Christ being tempted by the devil after His baptism.

Jesus Christ being fully Man, and fully God, spent forty days in the Wilderness being tempted by the devil. His temptation was different then ours, because He was holy, harmless, and undefiled, and separate from sinners. If Jesus would have fallen when the devil promised to give him all the Kingdoms of the World, then we as sinners would not have a Savior.

I can remember back when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, that there were things in my life that did not live up to God’s standards. I do no want you to get me wrong, but, I did like the taste of beer, and going to places that I no longer go to today. To be honest with you, I was ignorant of God’s Word. I had never read the Bible, nor had I ever been to Church.

After I began to read the Bible, I read where Jesus had responded to each temptation from God’s Holy Word. We as Christians have the ability to do the same, if we get our knowledge from the Bible. Not second hand from someone that recites Bible verses, because we do not know if they are correct in their interpretation of Bible verses’s.

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