Ephesians 2:8

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.

The gifts that we give is material, and is easily destroyed. We cannot give you a gift that will never become part of the past, when we are gone. I want to tell you about a gift that I received.

This gift never came all wrapped up in a box, with fancy ribbons and colored bows. It never waited until Christmas Eve, or until Christmas day to be delivered to me. It did not have a written name on it, nor did it have a receipt with it, so that if I did not like it I could take it back and get a refund. It was free, but cost the giver His life. All I had to do was believe, and it was mine for eternity.

This gift was given to me free of charge. This gift was eternal life. With this gift I will see my two sons, my sister, my mother, and my dad, who have gone on before me. I want you to have this gift also, but it is not mine to give. If you will read John 1:1 , John 1:14, and John 3:16 you will see that God became flesh, grew up in the flesh, and then died while in the flesh. This death gave me the gift, I just told you about. I ask that you let me see you again after I am gone.

Please accept the Gift, and believe in Jesus Christ. If you need help, ask Jesus Christ to come into your life, and you will receive this most precious gift.

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