1 Corinthians 6:19

Know ye not…ye are not your own

We are never alone, and we can never create a world of our own, where we live in harmony with ourselves.

God created us to be saints in this world, and to ever be ready to respond in or out of times to tell others of His love for us. This is sometimes a hard thing to do, and for me a sense of embarrassment.

My husband and I went out to a local restaurant one evening for dinner. After our order had been placed, and our glasses of water had been served, a party of three women and a man were seated across the room from us.

One woman in the party stood out from the rest.  She had a cast on her left leg that reached to her knee. She was seated next to the man, and was not engaged in the conversation with the others. She smiled as the rest of the party laughed and continued to engage in conversation.

As I sat there, and looked at the woman in the cast, I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to walk over and tell her that Jesus loved her. I held back from doing so, and from that day on, I have felt guilty for not telling her.  My question has been from that day, was it a blessing for her if I followed through, or would it have been a blessing for me.


And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works,