Reaching Out

This true story was told to me by a Pastor friend of mine: The story goes, that he had been at the Hospital with his mother when she passed away. The Pastor said from that time on, he never entered another Hospital again., because it brought back sad memories of that being where he had lost his mother.

This one Thanksgiving, just as he and his family were sitting down to dinner, he received a call from one of the people in his congregation, telling him that their little girl was in the Hospital , and that she had taken a turn for the worse, and the Dr. did not think she would last out the day. The father told the Pastor that his little girl was asking for him, and would he come?

With a breaking heart, he told his family to go ahead and eat, and he would warm up something when got back. He told me that it was one of the hardest things he ever did entering that Hospital again. When he arrived, the little girls father was waiting in the lounge for him.

When they arrived at her room, the little girls asked for a hug, and would he hold her hands, because she was afraid. As he sat there, he began to tell her how much Jesus loved her, and how He had died on the Cross for her. As she lay their listening to Him, a sweet smile began to appear on her little face, and looking up toward the ceiling of her room, she raised her hand upward, and told the Pastor he could let go of her hand now, because Jesus was there and His hand was reaching out for her to take His hand. The Pastor said, at that moment she went home to Jesus.

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