Mark 9:24

Immediately the boys father cried out and began saying ” I do believe: help my unbelief.”

This verse in the Bible is about a boy who had been possessed with a spirit which made him mute, and whenever it seized him he would foam at the mouth and grind his teeth.

The disciples were unable to help the boy, and Jesus told them that this kind cannot come by anything but prayer.

I had been to the Doctor to get the results of a series of tests they had done. The results of the tests had taken three weeks, so during this time all kinds of thoughts had been going through my head. Was I going to die, was this treatable, how long do I have, and what kind of life is ahead of me.

The results were in, and I was given the prognosis. It was not good, but there are some things that can be done to help me.

After leaving the Doctors office, my mind went to thoughts of: Am I good enough to go to Heaven? I still had sins that I had asked forgiveness for, and did God really hear me and forgive me, and then came the doubt. Is there really a God, and if there isn’t, have I made a mistake? This thought stayed with me for the rest of the day.

That night I again asked for forgiveness for doubting , and fell asleep. The next morning my husband and I began to set down to do our morning Bible Study, and as my husband started to set down, this verse came to me. “I do believe, help me with my unbelief,” and I knew right then that God had heard me, and was telling me He was in control.

I am now sure that not only had He heard my prayers, but loved me enough to send a Savior “Jesus Christ” to take away my sins. This Savior was God in the flesh, the very one that created me, would now take care of me.

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