Luke 24:7

“saying, ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.’ “

The cross reminds me of what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did for me. My mind begins to think of how Jesus suffered because of my sins, and yours. Did He have tears in His eyes as they laid the stripes on His back, or when they pulled on His beard, and the skin came off, or when they spit on Him, or when they nailed His hands and feet?  Did He silently pray to the Father to please take the pain from me, as they laid the cross on His back to carry?

There are times that the cross comes into view, and I again pray for forgiveness for something I might have done.  One of these times happened about two weeks ago. 

My husband and I had come down with a bad cold that kept us home bound.  We live in the country and there are two hay fields to the south of us.  There are driveways to homes that are set back from the highway. One of the driveways the owner had planted trees about ten years ago, along both sides of his driveway.

 As the trees grew, he added lights at the bottom of each tree, and for years I would look out my kitchen window at night and see the lights. The other night as I poured myself a glass of water, I looked over at the trees, and to my surprise, the light at the base of the trees now flooded the trees, and every one of those had grown high enough, and the limbs spread out, and the reflection of the lights on the bark, they all looked like crosses.

I look forward now for the night to see the crosses, that remind me of God being with us both in the day and in the night

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