Matthew 13:16

“But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.”

I love to paint pictures of nature, a beautiful scene that God has created for us to enjoy. Not to worship, but to see our Creator in everything that my eyes can behold.

I had been to a writers club that I belong to, and because of the beauty of the day, we decided to set outdoors for our meeting. It was one of those days, where the blue of the sky, and the arrangement of the clouds made one feel that you were part of an oil painting that had only just began. The wind was blowing with just a touch of coolness, and sweaters were hand,y if needed.

As our facilitator was giving suggestions on simple ways of explaining our thoughts, my eyes began to cloud over, and cause some discomfort. I asked the other ladies if they were having problems with their eyes. They all commented on the smell of a fertilizer truck that had just driven by, but no eye problems. By this time my vision was getting worse. I called my husband and told him that I was leaving the meeting and driving home. He told me to wait and he would come and get me, but I knew this would leave one car in town, and I felt I could make it home. I told him the route I would be taking, and left the meeting.

When I arrived home, my sight was almost gone. My husband had called the eye doctor before I arrived, and was told to bring me right in. When we arrived, I was totally blind. The Dr. gave me some eye drops, and said I should be able to see by the next day. Little did I know that I was allergic to the eye drops, so another call was made to the eye Doctor. We went back in, and she gave me different drops to use that would not cause a reaction like the first one.

For three and a half days, I was in complete darkness. I could only listen to the news on the television and radio. However, I did have something that was forever embedded in my mind, and that was memories. I could not see anyone, or anything, but I could remember how they looked. The colors, the shapes, the sounds, the smells, all came back to me in a different way.

After three and one half days, my sight suddenly returned to normal. When I opened up my eyes, the first thing I saw was my husband looking at me. I jumped to the window, and looked at the fields that surround our home, the mountains, birds, trees, and the green grass of our lawn. At that moment, mine eyes saw the glory of what God has done for us, both in memory and in eyesight.

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