Luke 8:11

Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

We live in the country, and all year long we feed the birds that are common in our area. J birds are quite common here, and in the spring we see all the new young being taught by the mother survival skills.

When I read this parable it reminded me of a scene that my husband shared with me. He had been out working in the yard, and seen a J bird with her young fly down to eat the seeds, that he had thrown out into the driveway earlier that morning.

The little chicks were trying to mimic the mother bird, and as she pecked at the seeds, the little ones not knowing what to do yet, began to peck at little sticks, and the tops of weeds. Then they would look over at the mother bird, peck some more, and finally seeing what they were doing was not right, they would hop over to the mother bird, and standing beside her, they would open their little beaks to be fed.

As he told me this little story, the scripture came to me about the seed being the word of God. We as children of the living God, should not be out there mimicking others, but be in His word daily, gathering the seeds of His word to grow and mature, learning the survival skills that He has for us to pass onto others.

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