Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans that I have for you, ‘ declares the Lord, plans for welfare, and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope.

I began going to a Baptist Church in my early thirty’s, and every Sunday when the Preacher was finished with his sermon, he would give everyone a chance to come forward and ask Jesus into their lives. My life had been a mess, and I could not believe that Jesus could love a sinner like me, and that he would even want me. One Sunday that old hymn ‘Just as I am’ begin to be sung. I made that walk, or should I say ran down the aisle to the Pastor standing in front of the pulpit, and asked Jesus to come into my heart. One member sitting near the aisle told me later, that my feet did not even touch the floor.

I knew then that God was calling me, and He wanted me to come to Him that morning, just as I was. He didn’t say ‘I am waiting for you to make changes in your life, and when you are ready come’. No, He was waiting for me with open arms that morning. All I had to do was come to Him.

Maybe your not in your thirty’s, or maybe you’re eighty-eight, or some where in between. Give yourself to God just like you are. He can start a change in you that will be amazing. We are all cracked pots in one way or the other that needs remolding, but we have to take that first step. He will be there to welcome us with open arms.

“Stop worrying so much about what you are not, and give God what you are. If we wait until we are perfect to come to God-we never will. What are you waiting for?

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